The Pisces by Melissa Broder

The Pisces: Profoundly contemporary, deeply disturbed and darkly comedian, The Pisces is set a heartbroken Ph.D. pupil who over one summer falls in dangerous, ecstatic love with a merman

Lucy has been writing her dissertation on Sappho for 9 years while she and her boyfriend cut up in a dramatic flameout. After she bottoms out in Phoenix, her sister in Los Angeles insists Lucy dog-take a seat for the summer season

The Pisces e-book evaluates
I was now not lonely however I used to be. I had Dominic, my sister’s diabetic
foxhound, who observed me from room to room, lumbering onto my lap,
ignorant of his bulk. I liked the odor of his meaty breath, which he didn’t
recognize became rancid. I appreciated the warm temperature of his fats stomach, the primal manner he
crouched when he took a shit. It felt so intimate scooping his large shits,
the huge hot bags of them. I notion that is the proper use of my love, this is
the man for me, this is the way.

The seaside house became a contemporary glass fortress, sparse sufficient to
ring a bell in me not anything of my lifestyles lower back domestic. I should disappear in a good way: as
if in no way having existed, unlike the way I felt i was disappearing all fall,
iciness, and spring in my warm, cluttered condo in Phoenix, surrounded via
reminders of myself and Jamie, suffocating in what changed into mine. There are properly
and awful methods of vanishing. I wanted no greater assets.

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