A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin

A Clash of Kings: A conflict of Kings is the second novel in A music of Ice and hearth. An epic fable series by way of American creator George R. R. Martin predicted to include seven volumes. It was first published on 16 November 1998 inside the united kingdom, despite the fact that the primary America edition did not observe till March[citation needed] 1999. Like its predecessor, A sport of Thrones,

It gained the Locus Award (in 1999) for satisfactory Novel and became nominated for the Nebula Award (additionally in 1999) for the pleasant novel. In may additionally 2005 Meisha Merlin released a limited version of the novel, fully illustrated via John Howe.

The novel has been adapted for television by way of HBO as the second season of the television series recreation of Thrones.

A Clash of Kings is also the name of the primary enlargement to the sport of Thrones board recreation.

Plot precis

A conflict of Kings depicts the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros in civil war, while the night time’s Watch mounts a reconnaissance to analyze the mysterious people referred to as wildlings. in the meantime, Daenerys Targaryen continues her plan to reconquer the Seven Kingdoms.

in the Seven Kingdoms
With King Robert Baratheon lifeless, his alleged son Joffrey and brothers Renly and Stannis all declare the throne of Westeros. Robb Stark is declared ‘King inside the North’ while Balon Greyjoy declares himself king of the Iron Islands and assaults the western coast of the North. Robb’s more youthful brother Bran Stark unearths new friends in Jojen and Meera Reed.

Stannis Baratheon, as Robert’s eldest brother, declares himself King of Westeros. Advocated by using Melisandre of Asshai. A priestess who believes Stannis the reincarnation of Azor Ahai. a messianic parent of her faith. The conflict is dubbed the war of the 5 Kings. Catelyn Stark, beneath orders from her son King Robb Stark, meets Renly and Stannis to speak about an alliance against the Lannisters; however in spite of Stannis offering to make Renly his inheritor over his daughter Shireen the ensuing parley ends in acrimony and Renly resolves to spoil his brother together with his large military.

Renly has married the daughter of the grasping and boastful Lord Mace Tyrell, who is, therefore, supporting his try to usurp the throne. however, without caution, a mysterious shadow involves lifestyles in Renly’s personal tent and kills him. shocked, Catelyn and the only other witness, the warrior-maid Brienne of Tarth, flee the scene.

Having misplaced Renly, the typhoon lords haven’t any desire but to declare for Stannis. hurricane’s stopped itself most effective falls, but, while Stannis’s dependable Ser Davos, a former smuggler, sneaks Melisandre underneath the castle in a small boat. To his horror, Melisandre offers start to a shadow which enters hurricane’s give up and slays its cussed castellan Ser Cortnay Penrose.

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