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City of Bones: the metropolis of Bones is the primary city myth ebook in author Cassandra Clare’s NY instances bestselling collection The Mortal gadgets. the novel is set in modern-day new york town. it’s been launched in several languages, along with Bulgarian, Hebrew, Polish and eastern.


Clary is going to the club with her pleasant friend, Simon Lewis, in which she sees a blue-haired boy and a black haired lady sneak into a storeroom, pursued by way of other boys. One armed with what appears to be a knife. She sends Simon for assist and she or he follows the group into the storeroom.

He vanishes from the room, with the explanation that demons return to their home dimensions after they die. Simon enters the storeroom with the bouncer in tow and questions why she is there alone and realizing no person else can see the others. She mumbles an apology.

while she returns domestic, her mother, Jocelyn, scolds her for staying out so late. tomorrow, Jocelyn declares that. they’re moving from big apple metropolis to the united states of America for the summer season in which Jocelyn’s a nice friend. Luke, has a residence. Clary, disillusioned by the surprising flow, confides in Simon that she is aware of nearly not anything about her mom or her complete circle of relatives. Simon mentions seeing thin.

They visit a poetry reading in which Clary sees Jace, one of the boys from the preceding night time, who privately tells Clary approximately demon-hunters, known as Shadowhunters or Nephilim, and claims Clary is not a secular everyday human. Clary solutions a name from Jocelyn, who frantically warns her not to come home and to inform Luke that “he” has located her. the call ends abruptly.

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