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Me before You is a romance novel written with the aid of Jojo Moyes. The book became first posted on five January 2012 inside the UK. A sequel titled after you turned into released 29 September 2015 thru Pamela Dorman Books. A 2nd sequel, still Me, became published in January 2018.


Twenty-six-12 months-old Louisa Clark lives with her operating-elegance family. Unambitious and with few qualifications, she feels continuously outshone by means of her more youthful sister, Treena, an outgoing single mother. Louisa, who allows guiding her own family, loses her job at a neighborhood café while the café closes.

A hit, wealthy, and a once-energetic younger guy who developed quadriplegia in a pedestrian-motorcycle twist of fate years in advance. Will’s mom, Camilla, hires Louisa regardless of her lack of revel in, believing Louisa can brighten his spirit. Louisa meets Nathan, who cares for Will’s medical needs, and Will’s father, Steven, a friendly higher-class businessman whose marriage to Camilla is strained.

Louisa notices Will’s scarred wrists and later overhears his mom and sister discussing how he tried suicide shortly after Camilla refused his request to give up his lifestyles thru Dignitas, a Swiss-based assisted suicide organization. Horrified through his strive, Camilla promised to honor her son’s wish, however only if he agreed to live six more months. Camilla intends to prove that, in time, he’ll trust his lifestyles’ worth residing.

Louisa conceals understanding approximately Will and Camilla’s settlement. however, she tells Treena, and collectively they invent methods in an effort to assist convince Will to desert his loss of life desire. Over the following few weeks, Will loosens up and we could Louisa shave his beard and cut his shaggy hair. Louisa starts offevolved taking Will on outings and the two develop closer.

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