Lethal White Novel by J. K. Rowling pdf free

Lethal White Novel by J K Rowling pdf free

Lethal White Novel by J. K. Rowling

Lethal White is the fourth novel in the Cormoran Strike series, written by J. K. Rowling and published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The novel was released on 18 September 2018


Lethal White is the career of the Cuckoo Calling, The SilkWorm and Evil There are plans to follow it with at least five more stories. Rowling announced the completion of the manuscript on March 23, 2018, after almost two years of writing. The book was released on 18 September 2018. The book is after the personal detective Cormoran Strike and his partner Robin Elliott and is the longest in the series so far. The story begins with a prelude soon after the end of the career of the Evil Detection Event, which takes place at the reception of Robin’s wedding.


In a marriage with Robin Elacott’s Matthew Kunalif, night before Robin was captured, Cormorion striker of Sheklevel Ripper was already captured. When the strike tells him that he was trying to contact him during the week, he realizes that Matthew had removed the message of the strike, resulting in a serious row between the new spouse. Before leaving the strike, Robin accepts his proposal to work as a salaried partner in the spy agency.

A year later, Strike brought his spy agency to that position, where it needs to appoint more investigators. He receives an unwanted journey from Billy Knight, a young person who has a history of mental illness claiming a murder a few years ago, and claims to bury the dead body in Woodland, but before he gets away there is no description Unable to deliver the strike office. Attempting to establish Billy’s identity, Stryk meets Billy’s older brother Jimmy and Jimmy’s girlfriend Flick Purdue, a radical remote worker who claims that Billy is unstable and unbelievable.

No one gets noticed on the meeting of the strike with Jimmy. He has been contacted by Jaspar Chiswal, who is a parliamentary scandal and member of Parliament scandal who is serving as a minister of culture, who knew the strike by investigating the death of his son Freddy. Chiswell claims that Jimmy was blackmailed and the strike was kept for investigation. She identifies Geert Winn, the husband of the minister of the game Della Winn as Jimmy’s potential partner; While Jimmy wants money, Garyant wants to destroy Pishwale’s career. Chishawel did not disclose what he is accused of, but does not deny the allegations and instead claims that what he did was legal at the time. He tells the strike to find something that he can use to reduce the danger.

Strike Robin underwent Charkawell’s office undercover to supervise Geraint. Robin accepts, but the undercover assignment puts a lot of pressure on rocky marriages before her. She meets Isabella, a hard-working but less appreciated daughter of Chiswell; His illegitimate son Rafael, who was recently released from prison after the killing of a woman under the influence of drugs; And his unstable and unmarried young wife, Qingwara. After behaving viciously in Geraint’s office, Robin gave proof that Gerent was misappropriating money from his wife’s donation. Chiswell uses this knowledge to stop Giselle’s blackmail, but when he stops jimmy, flick and other workers from being humiliated in a charity program, the strike unknowingly invites media inquiries.

Pushwell invites Strike and Robin to a morning meeting, when he lives in the city for business, obviously with the workers, he intends to set them on fire for this incident. Upon arrival, Robin detected the body of Chiswell in the study; The cause of death was suffocation and there was an excess of anti-depressant medicines. Metropolitan police termed her death as suicide, but Isabella was convinced that her father was murdered and Kinnaur was responsible, and she hired the strike to investigate. He is frustrated with the way Isabella and the extensive Chizwell family are focusing on the Kinnara, who believe that he is trying to steal, which escapes the fate of the family. The strike is convinced that blackmail is related to the death of Pishwell. He eventually learns that Pishwell and Jake Knight, Jimmy and Billy’s father exported the execution of hanging and execution equipment from member countries of the European Union before being banned. Two of these executions were completed at the time of Jack’s death, which were sold to Zimbabwe, where one was stolen by the rebels and used for the murder of a British teenager. Billy engraved hanging wood with Uifington’s White Horse and linked it to Chinwel.

Lethal White Novel by J. K. Rowling pdf free Book Download

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