The Poisonwood Bible Novel by Barbara Kingsolver

The Poisonwood Bible Novel by Barbara Kingsolver

The Poisonwood Bible Novel by Barbara Kingsolver

The Poisonwood Bible of 1998 (1998), Barbera Kingsolver, is a best novel about a missionary family, in 1959, from the Georgia state of America, to the Kilango village of the Congo in Belgium, which is close to the Quilo River.


The mother of the family describes the introductory chapter in five out of seven volumes of Oriana Price novel. The story is then one of the four daughters, the most vocal one, with the slightest preference for Leah’s voice. Four girls grow rapidly and develop in different forms in the form of the life and political turmoil of the African village, which goes beyond the Belgian Congo in the 1960s.

The value family packed their luggage for their flight to Congo, where they are going to spend a year as a missionary’s family. However, sometime before going to know, they are informed that they are limited to up to 44 pounds of goods per person. The Southern Baptist Mission League suggests that they solve this problem by going to the airport with many layers of clothing, hiding the household items, among the layers of clothing, to lighten up their luggage. This will be the first problem of many value family.

Rachel, Leah, Adah and Ruth May, and their father, Nathan, attend the first church service in The Price Girls, Kilango, and they realize how different their culture is from the Congo. For example, 14-year-old Leah helps her father find a “display garden”, and it immediately receives criticism from the Mama tatabah, which the family has put as a living assistant. Nathan tried to organize an Easter Easter celebration in hopes of baptizing many people, but he is not successful in getting a single baptism, because the river along with the village, where he plans to baptize, suffers from crocodiles is.

Leah and her twin start spying on Aden Abelarot, who tells the pilot Kilanga to the family, and Nathan one after another, tries to convince the people of Congo to convert to Christianity. Meanwhile, Ruth May, a five-year-old girl, shares friendship with the children of the village. After breaking the arm, he finds out about the business of excelot with diamond.

After the passing of Mama Tataba, an orphan boy named Nelson became the servant of the family. Nathan and Leah go to Leopoldville (present Kinshasa), to see what is happening with freedom in Congo. Methulus (a parrot that has value adopted from the last missionary) dies, and Adah gets his wings. Ruth May falls ill and lives on the bed most of the day. Leah started spending a lot of time discussing subjects like Justice and Congo with Antool, Kilanga’s teacher. Leah wants to take part in hunting, which disturbs the elderly of the village, because it will go against their custom, but it is finally allowed to participate and even hunt a deer.

To check the chicken coop, the girls gather together in the morning. Inside they got footprints and a green snake. A scream and gas is heard from Ruth, which is bitten by the snake. Before she passed, the girls saw her alternately cold and blue. Orliana is furious with Ruth’s death.

The remaining sisters of the Price family pass through many different life changes: Edah dedicates herself to a scientific education home (she is hematopic and wants to know more about the condition); Leah marries Anatole and she starts a family; Rachel is very self-centered, passes through a link to a marriage, and starts a business; And Nathan dies in his failed mission.

The story ends with a final chapter of Ruth May, which depicts her sisters and mother trying to go to her grave, but is not able to find it, and a woman tells them a place named Keelanga. Which was never present. She sees her sisters and her mother, and she sees how they have matured; She has also matured. Through his death, he is finally able to understand the word Congo’s word Nantu, which describes the concept of unity and how all the life is connected in some way. She understands that she is a mutt, and there is a part around her. Ruth May only wants her mother to understand the concept and move on to it. He tells his mother to forgive himself and not to remain with guilt.

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