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About  aPDFbook

Where did the name come from?

We wanted to create a unique name containing the word ‘book,’ while also conveying, in some way, the service we offer. Thus, from ‘download books online to read offline’ came forth aPDFbook: the initial letters from online and offline forming literal book ends.


about us

How long has apdfbook.com been online?

The website launched into cyberspace in November 2018 and continues to provide an opportunity for new and established writers from all parts of the world to self-publish and promote their work free of charge. And for us to offer fiction and non-fiction absolutely free for anyone to download.

Who runs apdfbook.com?

The website is operated and maintained in the BD by Md Zubaer Ali and Mostafizur Rahman Rokib. While we are each involved with publishing and production, Zubaer is also responsible for membership administration. You can send a message to either of us at any time via the contact form.

Are the ebooks available for download distributed legally?

Absolutely! For your peace of mind, every e-book on apdfbook is distributed with the author’s written permission in compliance with U.S., U.K. and international Copyright law. We operate in a legal, honest and truthful manner, as you would expect us to.

Are the ebook files safe to download?

All free ebook downloads on apdfbook are checked for viruses and malware before being made available for publication. Each download is a single file: it will not be attached to any software promo’s or other stuff you didn’t ask for. When you download a PDF file, you get a PDF file, nothing else. It’s also good to know our books do not contain display or text advertising and are free of affiliate links.