Devil in Winter Book by Lisa Kleypas

Devil in Winter was published by Lisa Klepas (born 1964) is the best-selling American author of historical and contemporary romance novels. In 1985, she was named Miss Massachusetts 1985 and competed in the Miss America 1986 pageant in Atlantic City.


Kleppas began his summer novels during a summer vacation while studying political science at Wellesley College. Her parents agreed to support her for a few months after her graduation so that she could finish her latest manuscript. About two months later, at the age of 21, Klypa sold her first novel.

Around the same time, the 5’2 “klipas was named Miss Massachusetts. During her competition at the Miss America pageant, Kleppas sang a song that earned her the” Genius Non-Beneficiary “award.

Klypas is a full-time romance writer since selling that first book. His novels have been ranked high on major best-seller lists, sold millions of copies worldwide and translated into fourteen different languages.

In October 1998, Klepas’ Texas home was flooded within hours after heavy rains, burning his city. He and his family lost everything but his worn clothes and his purse. Within days, her colleagues in Avon sent boxes of clothes and books to help the family recover. For Kleppa, however, the decisive moment after the flood was when she and her mother (whose house was also flooded), made a quick trip to the store to purchase toothbrushes, clean clothes, and other necessities. Separately, each of them had also chosen a romance novel to help them avoid the stresses that currently occur. For Klepas, this realization validated his decision to write romance novels rather than more literary works.

Although primarily known for her historical romance novels, Klepas made an announcement in early 2006 concerning her momentary departure from historical romance to delve into the contemporary romance genre. She has said that she plans to write historical romance again in the future.

Lisa lives in Washington with her husband, Gregory, and their two children.

Devil in Winter Book by Lisa Kleypas Book

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