Naked in Death Book by Nora Roberts

Naked in Death (1995) j. D. B. B. Is the first book of the Death Series, with the glory before death. A cover flat was originally constructed in this book under the name “D. J. McGregor”, but was later replaced.

Plot introduction

Mystic Irish businessman Rourke, 2058, is the main suspect in the death of a high-profile prostitute of New York Police and Security Department Detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

Plot summary

In 2058, Eve Dallas, a lieutenant in the NYPSD (New York Police and Security Department) Homes Division, is tasked with locating the perpetrator, who is a licensed partner (who is a legal retaliator) and granddaughter of Senator Tables, Sharon. Debus was killed. conservative Party. As she investigates DeBales’ murder, more prostitutes are killed, a pattern is established that includes antique (and illegal) firearms and videos of the murder are sent to Discus Lt. Dallas. The signs initially point to Amir Rourke, as DeBlus had an evening appointment with him and Rourke is a collector of ancient firearms used in his murder (Smith & Wesson Model 10), but Eve is a suspect. As the outside rules out and begins a passionate love affair with her.

Dr. With the help of Charlotte Meera, Eve develops a psychological profile of the killer: someone who thinks poorly about women and gets pleasure from sexual power after using them and killing them. To his disgust, the chief of police, Simpson, orders Eve to lie at the press conference, saying that DeBlush’s death was an accident and not linked to any other murders. She then pursues a hunch and enlists Rourke’s help in illegally accessing Simpson’s finances, discovering huge donations from DeBlus and paying millions of dollars in foreign accounts. She then leaks this information to the press, mainly effectively getting rid of any interference.

Eve reveals incest between Sharon DeBlase and her grandfather. Sharon was blackmailing her grandfather, who was paying her to keep quiet about the childhood molestation of both Sharon and her aunt but was also sleeping with him. Eve, Washington D.C. with Rourke. Flies to and arrests the senator for all three of the Senate’s murders, as he is publicly speaking in favor of an “ethics bill” that will again promote prostitution and legalize firearms. Back on the plane flight, she admits to Rourke that her father raped her repeatedly as a child and she remembers nothing beyond being found at the age of eight in Dallas.

Eve arrives home to find Senator DeBlas’s assistant, Rockman, planning to make the fourth victim in her apartment. As he reveals that the senator (who has now committed suicide) kills Sharon in a moment of passion and then allows Rockman to commit other murders in order to wander investigators, Eve secretly leads the other detectives on the case. Sent the conversation to, Capt. Ryan Feeney. A cat that Eve took from one of the victims distracts Rockman, giving Eve a chance to fight long enough for Rourke and the police to arrive. He is safe and the killer is apprehended.

Naked in Death Book by Nora Roberts

Name Of the Book: Naked in Death

Name Of the Writer:   #Nora Roberts

Book Format: Pdf

Book Pdf Size: ± 10 Megabyte

Number Of Pages:  314 (Paperback) 294 (Hardcover)

Price: 5.99$

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